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Hub Rules. v.1.4.0

I stand for freedom of speech. But I live in the real world (like all of you), and I am well aware that absolute freedom is impossible. It is always in conflict with the laws of states, our way of life, moral constraints and the ambitions of individuals. And sometimes following the principle of complete freedom can harm not only the user who violated any of the above, but also other innocent users. Therefore, there are some rules and restrictions on this hub.

  1. General rules.
    1. Availability. Registration on the hub is available to everyone. You can register as many accounts and channels as you like, connect any extensions installed on the hub, synchronize your channels with other hubs and cross-post to other networks, as long as it does not violate other hub rules (see below), the rights of other hub users and other networks and Russian laws.
    2. Free of charge. The hub is created and administered by me on pure enthusiasm. I do not charge for the use of its resources. The exception is commercial accounts, which will be charged from the second month after their registration.
    3. Support. I provide user support on a voluntary basis, so I do not set a deadline to respond to your request. Also, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to solve your problem. But I will try to do so.
  2. Commercial channels. These are the channels whose information contains details (addresses, phone numbers, email) of commercial organisations, while the posts are either missing or contain mainly advertising information. Such channels are serviced according to the following rules:
    1. Free period of commercial channel's operation is 1 month. After that, the channel will be blocked.
    2. If someone tries to re-register the same channel (even from a different account) the free period is deemed over. The channel gets blocked instantly.
  3. Terms of account blocking. I see no point in maintaining inactive accounts. Therefore, this hub has the following deadlines for blocking accounts:

    Account Terms of blocking
    or no channel created
    1 day
    since registration
    (but there are posts and/or information has been changed)
    6 months
    from last login
    (external site link in info, only ad posts)
    1 month
    from registration
    Paid renewal possible.
    Contact me!

    Commercial accounts will be blocked when they expire.

  4. Absolutely banned and will be punished with a lifetime ban without warning:
    1. Posting materials that promote the superiority of certain people over others based on characteristics independent of them: race, nationality, place of birth, gender, sexual orientation, appearance, etc.
      I am not a fanatical advocate of the absolute equality of all people no matter what. We are all different, fortunately, otherwise life would be terribly boring. But many "parameters" of our bodies we did not choose, they were given to us by many generations of ancestors and natural mutations.
    2. Posting materials related to the distribution of drugs, weapons, explosives, pornography and other materials prohibited by law.
      I think it's pretty clear without any further explanation. It is forbidden by law, so it is forbidden on the hub, no matter how we feel about these laws. Period.
  5. Prohibited and will be punished by temporary blocking (7 days):
    1. Rude, abusive attitude towards other users of this hub and other Fediverse nodes.
      I stand for people treating each other with respect. If you don't like your interlocutor's political views, social position, or, for example, avatar, keep your dissatisfaction to yourself. Or engage in a constructive dialogue. The key word is "constructive". But as soon as you start to get personal - you're a candidate for a temporary ban to cool your head.
      Important point:I don't keep track of all dialogues. But if I have a complaint from another user, I will take care of it.
      Second important point:If you are insulted by another Fediverse user, I will also take care of that and try to contact the admin in that node and ask for action.
    2. Intrusive advertising and spam.
      This hub is maintained by me on a purely pro bono basis. I do not demand money for the use of the resources of the hub. And I will not allow others to make money from its users. In addition, no one likes annoying advertising.
      Nevertheless, I allow the creation of accounts that advertise any services. The only limitation: all ads must be posted in the feeds of these accounts, that is, ads that mention other users are not allowed.
    3. Publication of someone's personal data without the explicit consent of the data owner. Personal data previously published must be deleted without delay at the first request of its owner, even if the owner has previously consented to publication.
      Personal data is called so because it belongs to one person - its owner. It cannot be shared or transferred to anyone without the owner's express and explicit consent. Treat personal data as personal property.
  6. Not welcome on this hub:
    1. Propaganda (ideological and religious).
      My profile reads "Liberal, Atheist, Individualist. By this I have made my ideological and religious position quite clear. And I welcome users with similar beliefs to my hub.
      Dear antagonists. You already have enough platforms for communication with like-minded people. Why do you need another one, where you, moreover, are not welcome?
      But there will be no restrictions on your stay on the hub, as long as you do not violate the previous paragraphs of these rules.
    2. Publication of images and texts containing nudity and scenes of violence, without hiding from under the tag "NotSuitableForWork".
      It's not about sanctimony or censorship, it's about making people uncomfortable for whom such images and texts are unacceptable. We should be concerned not only with our own peace of mind.

Important note: All of the rules and restrictions described in the previous paragraphs of these Hub Rules apply not only to posts but also to reposts (retweets/retoots/busts) from this and other instances, as well as posted links.

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