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About Fediverse, Hubzilla and this hub


You can help the project by simply transferring any amount in BTC, ETH or XMR to the following wallets:

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My name is Alado. I am the owner and administrator of FreeHub. Let me tell you a little bit about this site.

About federated networks

FreeHub is a node of Hubzilla network - one of the platforms of the federated network group commonly referred to as Fediverse. If you read carefully this Wikipedia article, you can easily highlight the advantages of Fediverse networks compared to traditional social networks:

  • Integration. Each Fediverse network may have many nodes. But this does not mean that these networks are isolated "islands in the ocean". All nodes are constantly exchanging information with other nodes, including nodes belonging to other Fediverse networks. By signing up to FreeHub, you can easily read other Fediverse users' feeds, comment on their posts, and write private messages to them. And you don't even have to go to their servers to do that. Every Fediverse network user can see other users' activity and interact with them without leaving their node! Where else is it possible?
  • Decentralization. As can be easily guessed from the previous section, Fediverse networks do not have a single owner and "control center". And this ensures the independence and stability of the network. If a user does not like a node, he can move to any other node, including those in another Fediverse network. He will not lose subscribers, the only thing that will change is his network address.
  • Free of charge. It costs you nothing to use Fediverse nodes. You might say, "But traditional social networks are free, too! I don't pay to use Instagram or Facebhook." That's not exactly true. You pay. Not with money, but with your data. Much has been written in recent years about surveillance of users by commercial networks. And the scary part is that most of it is true!
    What about the Fediverse networks? We, the node owners and admins, don't make money off of users. Therefore, we don't need your data. We don't collect telemetry of your behavior or dig into your messages. Also, we don't show you ads or manipulate your data. How can you be sure of that? Read on.
  • Openness. All Fediverse networks are developed according to FOSS (free open-source software) principles. This means that anyone with sufficient programming experience can check the source code of these platforms and make sure that there are no backdoors, malicious code, or user tracking elements.

All Fediverse networks adhere to these principles, but nevertheless they differ from each other in their purpose. Among them you can find analogues of almost all types of traditional social networks.

Traditional network Fediverse analogue
Facebook, VKontakte Hubzilla, Friendica, Diaspora
Twitter Mastodon, Pleroma, Misskey
Instagram Pixelfed
Youtube PeerTube
SoundCloud, Spotify Funkwhale
Blogspot, Wordpress Write Freely, Plume


As part of Fediverse, Hubzilla follows all of the above principles. Hubzilla is one of the most versatile platforms in the Fediverse constellation. You can use it to create a microblog or full-featured personal blog, forum, a simple website, or your own Wikipedia. With one account, you can create several channels of different topics and purposes at once.

The system allows you to flexibly customize everything to your needs, enable the add-ons you personally need and disable the ones you don't. You can customize access to your information and protect it from unwanted users.

Perhaps the most amazing unique feature of Hubzilla is the so-called "nomadic identity". In short, it is the ability to create a mirror copy of any of your channels on another hub. That is, all your posts will be constantly synchronized between these hubs. This gives a very strong protection in case of sudden loss of any of these hubs.

I created this hub as an experiment for myself personally, but over time I realized that I could offer other people a platform to spread their information.

I have modified the slightly archaic Hubzilla interface, giving it a modern look. And I'm going to refine the hub further. In the future, perhaps create a few color themes interface that everyone can choose the look that suits them best.

I am always in touch and listening to users. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me. I'll be sure to answer.

Warning! Although I always stand for freedom of speech and personal freedom, that does not mean that there is complete anarchy on the hub. We have Hub Rules, and I demand their observance. Please familiarize yourself with them and strictly follow them!

Welcome to FreeHub, hub for all free people